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3 Misconceptions about new gTLDs That are costing you money

New gTLDs are great long-term investments and have short-term potential in today's market.

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There are some misconceptions out there about new gTLDs and separating the facts from the myths is one way to gain an advantage on your competition.  

Misconception #1

Nobody is buying new domains

In just a few years, active new gTLD registrations have grown to nearly 28 million names. This past year, Rightside has booked multiple six-figure new gTLD sales and has over 50 five- and six-figure sales that have been made public, as well as seven-figures worth of Platinum sales not yet released. These definitely aren’t the kinds of numbers .COM saw in its first three years of existence.


Misconception #2

Nobody knows that new domains exist

End users are adopting and using new domains as primary website addresses, redirects, short links, and more. These are the foundations of a much more robust aftermarket for new gTLDs.


Misconception #3

New domains are penalized in search results rankings

Google itself has stated that they treat new gTLDs just like any other legacy domain extension. Entrepreneur and Online Marketing Strategist, Robert Bruce opted for the exact-match domains with The reason? “High quality, exact-match domains mean we won’t have to pay to get as many clicks.”

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