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Increase your sales by buying these 10 items in bulk from Dollar Tree

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Do you own or manage a business?

Cutting costs has never been faster nor easier with

Dollar Tree's new Shop by Business page.

Increase your sales by buying these 10 items in bulk from Dollar Tree

Disclosure: Image contains an affiliate link which sends you to Dollar Tree's website

Dollar Tree has redesigned and updated the business page to help you identify and purchase $1 business supplies that best meet your professional needs. Check out the thousands of high-quality items that we offer and shop with confidence using their Business Tool Kit.

What kinds of businesses will benefit from it? 
  • Restaurants, Bars & Hospitality
  • Weddings, Catering & Events
  • Floral Supplies
  • Religious & Nonprofit Organizations
  • Care Facilities
  • Cleaning Services
  • And More!
Enhance the Experience with their Business Tool Kit:
  • Use your order number and zip code to quickly check and track orders.
  • Order multiple items at once with our Catalog Quick Order tool.
  • Order the same items often with our Repeat Order feature.
  • Easily set up your organization as tax exempt, if you qualify.
  • Shop our latest catalog to see what’s new in every department.
  • Sign up for emails to receive the latest products for your business right in your inbox.

Compare their prices and services to other suppliers and see for yourself how Dollar Tree can help boost your company's sales. Give it a try... experience the difference at Dollar Tree. We know money gets tight, that's why we designed our business model around around prices - we're in the business of saving you money, while lowering your overhead costs, and increase your profits!

To save you time researching the subject... has found 10 items that are always great to buy in bulk.

Get free shipping from Dollar Tree when you buy in bulk

Disclosure: Image contains an affiliate link which sends you to Dollar Tree's website

Plus, You'll Get Free-Shipping When You Buy In Bulk From Dollar Tree

Never tried buying in bulk at an online store before? That's ok, the holiday season is the perfect time to start! Whether you’re a small business owner, teacher, crafter, or you’re planning a party or event, purchasing all the supplies you need is easy with Dollar Tree! From vases for fall weddings or care package supplies for the holidays, to classroom décor and school supplies, we have all the essentials online in bulk… and for just $1 each!

Increase your sales by buying these 10 items in bulk from Dollar Tree

Disclosure: Image contains an affiliate link which sends you to Dollar Tree's website

But don’t just take our word for it.

Check out some of Dollar Tree’s most popular products customers love buying in bulk!

Dollar Tree’s Staff Picks: Top Ten Bulk Recommendations from Our Staff:

1. 6-ct. Packs of 4-oz. Plastic Champagne Glasses – A budget-friendly disposable item for weddings, banquets, backyard parties, and other events.

2. 112-pg. Big Print Find-A-Word Puzzle Books – A great gift for puzzlers of all ages, word find books are affordable entertainment for any occasion… a favorite find among care facilities and care package builders!

3. 16-oz. Glass Pint Jar Mugs – Often incorporated into crafts, home décor, and wedding celebrations, Dollar Tree makes on-trend decorations on-budget. Plus, they’re a perfect addition to your drinkware collection.

4. Holy Bible, King James Version with Black Leatherette Covers – A timeless favorite for churches, hotels, and other organizations, our Bibles are just $1 each.

5. Jot® 4-Subject Mini Spiral Notebooks with Plastic Covers – Whether used in a home, school, or office, spiral notebooks are ideal for recording important appointments or events, party planning, and noting upcoming tasks.

6. 2-ct. Packs of 7.25” Reusable Plastic Popcorn Buckets – The perfect container for a snacking favorite, customers and businesses alike stock up on our buckets for themed parties and events, or for a family movie night. Also makes a great container for a movie night gift.

7. The Home Store™ 9.8-oz. Tubs of Charcoal Moisture Eliminators – A handy helper for keeping out moisture in hard-to-reach places like your basement, attic, closets, or under the bed.

8. Colorful Rubber Transparent Flashlights – Compact and handy for all seasons, our bright flashlights are popular with schools, nonprofit organizations, businesses, small retailers, and families to have on-hand.

9. 8” Glass Jar Candles – A staple favorite for personal, business, and religious events, our unscented candles are also great for crafting and decorating.

10. 3-ct. Packs of Travel-Size Scented Hand Sanitizers – Keep hands clean with a gift or party favor that’s always in need. Plus, you get three great scents!

Not only are all of our products $1 (or less) each, but you can also take advantage of FREE SHIPPING 

when you choose to have your bulk order shipped to your local Dollar Tree store for pickup.

How easy is that? It’s one of our favorite features of shopping online!

Do we have your attention yet?

Ready to get started growing your business with Dollar Tree?

Well, good for you... your investors will be thankful.

I must forewarn you though... BE PATIENT!

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Disclosure Statement: “Be advised, this post contains affiliate links, which means that I receive commissions for purchases made through those links, at no cost to you. Please understand that I have expressed my statements based on empirical evidence that I have encountered with all of these companies. Most importantly, I have shared my recommendations because they have been helpful to me, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something.” – Chris P. Hudson

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