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Why Multi-domains for my website?

Let's take a look at the case study below...

· Marketing,Domains,Invest,Coffee,Developer hit the “grounds” running with Sedo.

William McClure, Fort Smith, AR-based entrepreneur and domain developer, aspired to create a national coffee distribution network for hotels and offices. He wanted to build his business and empower his clients with the right domain, a commodity that would remain secure even during economic downturns. McClure sought the help of Sedo, the leading marketplace for domains. With Sedo, he was able to purchase, the perfect domain for creating immediate credibility within the coffee industry. To help his business grow, he also worked other coffee-related domains, such as, into his online strategy. In no time at all, his website was up and running and receiving traffic. I am truly happy with the business and tremendous exposure the .org extension has provided. William McClure, Founder and Owner of The best domain isn’t always a .com. Others, such as .org domains, are perfect for conveying trust and authority within an industry and may be a more affordable alternative. Turn to Sedo for more than a name, and hit the “grounds” running.

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