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Why you must Avoid Host Gator

Read why they're rated the absolute worst web hosting company!

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Host Gator is the WORST WEB HOST

Host Gator suspended my site without explanation. I have screenshots, performance analytics, and email correspondence saved in my records in case anyone would like to see for themselves.

This site was on a shared business plan, and advertises a 99.9% uptime "guarantee," yet my site was unjustifiably down on several occasions.

My complaint originates from migration. At this point, my website was down for 2 days when I [once again] contacted support for an update... yet they did not express any concern, nor urgency with getting my site published. After 8 days of no updates from Host Gator, I contacted tech support once again, but received no assistance - Keep in mind that all they had to do was migrate a database from Namecheap!

Host Gator will lure you with attractive offers, and other "free" add-on promotional products, yet you'll quickly learn that these items are free versions - which are just enough for you to require an upgrade in order for the feature to be beneficial.

Host Gator False Advertising
Host Gator is the worst web host
Host Gator LIES about Shared Business Plan
Web Stats after Host Gator SUSPENDED ACCOUNT
Stats after Host Gator SUSPENDED ACCOUNT!

--- UPDATE on 23 Sept 2019 --> Host Gator will respond with an inaccurate reasoning to this complaint. To those of you who would like to see credible evidence to corroborate my story, feel free to message me for screenshots and other proof that their excuse is not true. If they truly cared then they would contact me directly rather than trying to discredit my statements.

--- UPDATE on 25 Sept 2019 --> Coincidentally, just two days after the last update, I found out [via email] that Host Gator disabled my website! They claim is is due to "performance issues." However, I have copies of all the site's statistics and performance measures saved as proof. After speaking with several different tech support agents, nobody can elaborate on why my site is down. I'm convinced that this is their way of retaliating against me for publicly expressing my frustrations with their business. So, as you can see, they do not care about customer success.

I will update this review if they fix the issue and apologize for their unprofessional interactions that I've encountered. However, at this point I will be cancelling my account and taking my business elsewhere. I'm also contacting an attorney and will be filing a lawsuit depending on this outcome.

Trustpilot's Negative rating for HostGator
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